20-sim 4.6.3

20-sim 4.6.3 has been released. This build is a maintenance release with the following fixes:

4.6.3 (build 7733, March, 13, 2017)


  • Fixed: do not rescale rectangles in an icon when the 'name' text is not inside the rectangle.
  • Improvement: rectangle rescale should take into account the grid.
  • Fixed: SVG-related memory leakage.
  • Fixed: Exception when connecting a single port to a multi-port bond element after replacing a multi-bond junction by a single-bond switching junction.
  • Fixed: Library blocks with masks could trigger an isRelease exception.
  • Improvement: Model > Processing > Warnings/Errors > "Port is not used" renamed to "Power port is not used" since it does not apply for signal ports.
  • Motion Profile Editor: Fixed: Help button was unavailable.
  • Fixed: Tooltip for global parameters did not show a descriptive comment when using them in other submodels
  • Fixed: Filter Editor did not open when inserted after a search action for this library block

Icon Editor

  • Improvement: better icon alignment to grid

Interface Editor

  • Feature: Add up/down buttons for rearranging the input and output ports
  • Fixed: Selected item in the tree did not always correspond with the selected port
  • Fixed: Adding ports until the list is bigger than the window should show the scroll bar.
  • Fixed: When you create a new signal port and change it to output, the tree is not refreshed, so it seems that it is still an input
  • Fixed: Create a new signal port and change its name and keep the focus on the name field. Add another new port using the toolbar button. Sometimes, the new port is not automatically selected in the tree and the name of the previous port stays active.

Linear System Editor

  • Fixed: LSE showed chinese characters in the first node of the parameters list

3D Animation Editor

  • Fixed: crash on some PCs when adding a spring to the 3D-animation

3D Mechanics Editor

  • Fixed: Manual constraint joints could become automatically assigned


  • Fixed: Not all syntax errors from the Global Relations Editor are reported to the user
  • Fixed: Processing could fail for certain models when 'Optimize divisions' is enabled
  • Fixed: When pressing "Save", 20-sim tries to check the current submodel. This should not be done, since the current submodel may not be finished yet or even fail any model checks.


  • Fixed: Signal Mux block moves when switching implementations
  • Fixed: Signal Demux block moves when switching implementations


  • EulerAngles DLL: Fixed: EulYXZsFromRotationMatrix was accidentally calculating relative
  • Fixed: Unit information in the simulator is lost when a model is opened ans saved without simulating
  • Fixed: Disable certain menu options that are not available during simulation


  • Fixed: prevent changing submodel implementations during simulation
  • Fixed: A model in a path that contains a '&' could not be opened using scripting
  • Improvement: Accept also forward slashes in the xxsimSaveModel function
  • Python: Fixed: set_implementations() does not accept a dict under Python 3.x
  • Python: Fixed: various scripting issues
  • Python: added get_version() function (returns the 20-sim version)
  • Octave: added: xxsimGetVersion() function (returns the 20-sim version)
  • Octave: added support for Octave 4.2.0 (Windows, 32-bit only)

C-code generation

  • Feature: C/C++ code generation templates can now tell 20-sim which integration methods are supported by this template. This allows for adding support for variable step-size integration methods in future versions of the templates.
  • Fixed: C-code generation for string parameters with two backslashes generated three backslashes instead of four. Each backslash should be escaped separately.
  • Fixed: Global string parameters that are assigned outside the generated submodel were generated as empty strings.


  • Getting Started manual: Improvement: various corrections and clarifications
  • Reference Manual: Fixed: function names in the tree should not start with a capital
  • Reference Manual: Removed: reference to Windows XP and the X-file format (not supported anymore)
  • Documentation generation: Fixed: SVG files generated by the XML documentation generation option could not be opened in other tools due to namespace issues


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