Press Release: DESTECS project achieves top ranking

Enschede, June 14, 2013

The European research project DESTECS brings engineering disciplines together by using co-simulation between discrete-time and continuous-time models. EU reviewers have ranked the project as "excellent".

DESTECS has recently been reviewed on behalf of the European Union and given the highest mark. According to the reviewers, the "project has fully achieved its objectives" and "progress beyond the state-of-the-art was apparent and credible".

DESTECS was started in 2010 by a consortium of 4 companies and 3 universities. Controllab was one of its members, and adapted the modeling and simulation software 20-sim to support co-simulation. Within the DESTECS project, 20-sim models of physical systems were coupled to discrete-time controller models in VDM. The DESTECS co-simulation environment was used to enable close cooperation of various engineering disciplines, including  mechanical engineering and software engineering throughout various design phases.

The model-based approach of DESTECS was evaluated on realistic industrial projects in 3 yearly iterations. These projects were closely monitored by an industry follow group with 23 members. A survey at the end of the project showed the great potential of DESTECS: coupling model-based design methods by co-simulation will increase the quality of the design, and help to design fault handling as part of the specification and design phases.

The EU reviewers wrote, "the project is expected to have lasting impact", which will be increased by the release of a book by Springer later this year.

Excavator case study, co-simulation and real set-up.

For more information on this project and model-based design, you can visit the DESTECS website and contact Controllab.

Members of the DESTECS project:

  • University of Twente
  • University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Aarhus University
  • CHESS Embedded Technology International
  • CHESS Information Technology International
  • Controllab Products BV
  • Neopost Technologies BV
  • Verhaert New Products and Services NV


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