Scripting Toolbox

Scripting allows you to run tasks in 20-sim automatically using specialized scripting functions. With these functions you can open models, run simulations, change parameters, process the results and much more. 


Watch the videos on scripting to get a quick overview.


Python is a general-purpose high-level programming language with an emphasis on code readability and writing algorithms in fewer lines of code than other programming languages.20-sim scripting functions ca be run from a python program. 20-sim scripting has been tested with the following versions of Python: Python 2.7.x, Python 3.4.x and Python 3.5.x (32-bit and 64-bit).

With the installation of 20-sim, you can optionally install the Python 3.4 package. This installation provides just enough support to get started with 20-sim scripting. However, it does not provide a development IDE or an extensive set of scientific and mathematical libraries.

Matlab / Octave


20-sim scripting functions can be run as m-files in Matlab or GNU Octave. GNU Octave is a open source environment that allows you to run m-files similar to Matlab. If you don't have a valid Matlab license, GNU Octave will be a useful alternative.

Scripting Functions

Functions are available to open and simulate a 20-sim model, export parameters values to a 20-sim model, run simulations and store the results and much more. Combining multiple functions in m-files allows you to:

  1. read parameters from spreadsheets and load them into a 20-sim model,
  2. run calculations to deteremine parameter values and load them into a 20-sim model,
  3. run simulations and store the results on file,
  4. run simulations and perform calculations on the results,
  5. run multiple-scenario's with 20-sim models,
  6. and more ..


20-sim comes with a set of example scripts:

  1. Read prarameters and run a simulation 
  2. Model verification
  3. Compare simulation results
  4. Perform a Polynomial fit
  5. Create a bode plot out of simulation data
  6. Print to pdf-file

Scripting Excel example

Example script with data import from Excel and bode plots generated from 20-sim simulation results.

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