What is new in 20-sim

20-sim 4.6 has just been released. You can download 20-sim 4.6 from this website. 20-sim has some important new features.

Windows 10

20-sim 4.6 has been updated to support Windows 10. While older versions of 20-sim may (partially) work under Windows 10, 20-sim 4.6 has been specially developed for the new OS.

New Windows 10 look and feel

The new 20-sim look and feel when running on Windows 10.

FMI Support

The Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) is a tool-independent standard to support model exchange. 20-sim now supports exporting models as FMUs (Functional Mockup Units).

Python Scripting

20-Sim 4.6 supports scripting with Python. Many new scripting functions have been added allowing you to remotely operate more and more functionality of 20-sim. Examples of things that you can do with scripting:

  • Data handling before or after a simulation.
  • Automated running of models and testing of simulation results.
  • Parameter upload from spreadsheets.

Training Simulators

20-sim can be used to develop training simulators with the help of some new features:

  • 3D animations can now be shown in real-time.
  • Multiple 3D animations are drawn more efficiently resulting in higher frame rates.
  • You can show the frame rate in a 3D Animation and set the frame rate to a maximum.
  • You can connect the amount of transparency to a variable enabling objects to appear and disappear from the scene.

And More

Please read the builds list to find out about all the additions and improvements that have been made in 20-sim.

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