20-sim is available in two versions: Viewer and Professional. The Viewer is a freeware version that allows you to load and run models and evaluate the package. Saving of models is not possible in this version. The professional version is the full version of 20-sim with all toolboxes included.

  Viewer Professional
Library Models v* v
3D Mechanics Toolbox v* v
Animation Toolbox v* v
Control Toolbox v* v
Frequency Domain Toolbox v* v
Mechatronics Toolbox v* v
Real Time Toolbox v* v
Time Domain Toolbox v* v
Scripting Toolbox x v

v = included
v*= included but no saving possible
x = not included


20-sim is installed, using an Installation Manager that will lock 20-sim to your computer. Two types of licenses available, a single license and a floating license. A single license locks 20-sim to a specific computer. A floating license allows multiple users to work with 20-sim at the same time.

Classroom Kit

For academic and educational institutes, schools and universities there is a unique offer: the 20-sim Classroom Kit. A 20-sim Classroom Kit allows you to use as many copies of 20-sim as you like, both at the Laboratory and for students and members of the Laboratory at home. Please contact Controllab Products for more information.

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